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RDA Refrigerant Handling Blog

Articles and information about refrigerant handling projects, recommended safety information for working with hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants, oil-less refrigerant recovery machines, industrial refrigerant reclaim projects and other news and articles of interest.

Video: Demonstration of Improving A/C Evacuation Times

Evacuation: Speed It Up Clean vacuum pump oil and full, unrestricted flow is necessary for fast and complete AC/R system evacuation. Appion makes full flow easy, with the MegaFlow™ series of products. The MegaFlow Products Appion has been advocating for years that the...

10 Tips for Refrigerant Recovery

Handling pressurised refrigerant is hazardous, so always use personal protective equipment (PPE) especially eye and hand protection. For hydrocarbon refrigerants the recovery unit must be designed for use with flammable refrigerants, the work area must be well...

Working Safely with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

The use of hydrocarbon refrigerant has significantly increased over the last 10 years, most notably in the retail sector. This is due to good performance and low environmental impact. Flammable refrigerants like R290 (propane) and R1270 (propylene) are being used in...

Industrial Refrigerant Reclaim Unit at Harp International

REFRIGERANT RECLAIM UNIT DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED BY RDA RDA have worked closely with HARP international to develop a revolutionary, fully automatic reclaim machine capable of processing contaminated refrigerant from returned, used cylinders. RDA have recently...

Appion G5 Twin – Rapid Refrigerant Recovery

The W.S.R. Advantage - Weight, Speed and Reliability The Appion G5 Twin incorporates a unique oil-less compressor with high speed turbine fan to enable reliable and fast refrigerant recovery. When time on site is critical, engineers require refrigerant recovery...

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