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Appion G5 Twin - Fast Refrigerant Recovery Unit

Appion G5 Twin – Fast Refrigerant Recovery in High Ambient Temperatures

The W.S.R. Advantage –

Weight, Speed and Reliability

The Appion G5 Twin incorporates a unique oil-less compressor with high speed turbine fan to enable reliable and fast refrigerant recovery.

When time on site is critical, engineers require refrigerant recovery equipment that is reliable and fast. The horizontally opposing twin cylinder and twin condensers make the G5 Twin one of the fastest refrigerant recovery units available. The G5 Twin has recovery rates of 0.28 kgs / minute vapour and 4.7 kgs / minute of liquid.

Manufactured in the United States the products have been designed to make refrigerant transfers as fast and reliable as possible.
RDA encountered the products whilst working on site overseas. Having been established for over 30 years, designing and manufacturing specialist recovery equipment, they were impressed by the performance of the Appion G5 Twin cylinder unit. RDA’s expertise in recovery technology spans from commercial and automotive units to manufacturing custom recovery equipment for aerospace applications.

“The Appion twin cylinder design enables fast refrigerant recovery even in high ambient temperatures.”

Fast recovery rates in liquid and vapour are achieved with the patented 2 cylinder oil-less compressor. Cooler operation and lower recovery cylinder pressures are possible due to the high speed turbine fan, cooling the compressor heads and twin condenser coils.

The permanently lubricated crankcase is isolated from refrigerant, eliminating bearing contamination. The solid mounted pistons eliminate wrist pins and bushing wear, ensuring full-speed recovery for the entire life of the machine. The bearing lined crankcase evenly spreads the load of each stroke, preventing seized compressors.

Powered by a high torque 1/2 HP motor the unit still remains light and compact, weighing-in at under 11kgs. This lightweight, compact design makes the unit a favourite with service engineers. Appion are constantly improving their products and have a new and improved fan / gearbox assembly. This improvement delivers more cooling power and reliability.

“The Appion range of equipment compliments our own products in the commercial field and enables us to offer products for all applications.”

RDA are the UK distributor for Appion and provide a full back to base repair service with a 1 year warranty as standard.

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