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TEZ Evac Speed System

Designed from the Ground up to make AC/R System Evacuations Easier and Faster than ever Before

  • The TEZ Speed System was designed so that technicians can easily save hours or days on any size system evacuation
  • 5x – 10x Faster Evacuation: Using multiple 3/8″ and 1/2″ connections can deliver a time savings ratio of at least 5-to-1 (up to 10-to-1) on residential and industrial job sites
  • Field-proven to outperform larger, belt driven pumps by hours or days
  • Simultaneous 1/2″ and 3/8″ connections allow for maximum input flow – up to 16 times the flow of typical 1/4″ and 3/8″ hose connections


The TEZ Speed System is a combination of the TEZ8 Vacuum Pump and the MegaFlow Speed Kit.

Parts included in kit:

Qty Description Part No.
1 TEZ8 – 8cfm Vacuum Pump TEZ8
1 MegaFlow Gauge Manifold* MGAMAN
1 6-Foot, 3/8″FL to 1/4″FL 3/8″ Dia. Blue Hose MH380006EAB
1 6-Foot, 3/8″FL to 1/4″FL 3/8″ Dia. Red Hose MH380006EAR
2 6-Foot, 3/8″FL to 1/4″FL 1/2″ Dia. Black Hose MH120006EAK
1 6-Inch, 1/2″FL to 1/2″FL 1/2″ Dia. Black Hose (TEZ8 Connection Hose) MGH126
1 6-Inch, 1/2″FL to 3/8″FL 1/2″ Dia. Black Hose (Universal Vacuum Pump Connection Hose) MGH126-E
2 MegaFlow Vacuum-Rated Valve Core Removal Tools MGAVCT
1 Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap PK7494

* MegaFlow Vacuum Speed Kit (Part No. MGAKIT-V) includes a Vacuum Manifold instead of a Gauge Manifold

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  • Simply Easier: The 5-Second Oil Change makes it quick and easy to monitor the condition of the oil, and change it on the flywithout breaking the vacuum
  • Simply Cleaner: Cartridge changes flush the pump and remove any remaining contaminants, making this system ideal for ammonia and lithium bromide
  • Simply Faster: With a clean and efficient pump and massive flow, the TEZ Speed System makes it easy to save time, and money

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